Prospective Members

Welcome to our club. Our primary objective has been to utilize 3D printing as a medium for creation, innovation, and education. We want to remove the work of traditional manufacturing and prototyping and enable you to engage in projects that otherwise would have been out of reach.

Between our members we own a host of 3d printers and are working on tons of interesting projects that have a large potential. Between quadcopters, custom printer builds, exotic filament types and printing methods(primarily fdm as it is low cost) we have a huge need for new members and tons of cool projects lined up to do. If your the kind of person who enjoys prototyping and making things, you’ve come to the right place.

Were not all work and no fun, however, our trusty president is quite a comedian and also quite knowledgeable in the 3d printing space.(whether it be FDM, SLA, SLM, EBM, LOM, or SLS) We bring the technology of 3d printing to all kinds of unique projects. Hop on over to the Events Page, or email us at and come to our events if you would like to get involved.